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President's Report - October 2016

As we head into Fall riding here in Southeast Texas, I'm looking back at the year and very happy that things are going well for TRH.  After facing the last couple of years of losing the Skull Creek lease and the closure of the Sam Houston National Forest, the club is still in excellent shape with a solid membership support system and continued club events.  For our 2016 TRH Off-Road Championship Series, we've had two very successful events, and we were able to try out the new Sprint Enduro format.  We had Funday rides on Saturday before both of those events that allowed members to come out and ride at their own pace and leisure without necessarily competing the next day.  The Funday concept had a nice rider turnout, so expect to see more of those in the future.

Our Brunes Mill 2-day Sprint Enduro on September 24-25 was incredibly popular as well over 300 Texas Enduro Circuit riders traveled to Columbus to enjoy the new format.  Once again, thanks to the club members that came out to help the weeks before and after the event.  Eric Pullen was the event chairman and did an outstanding job rallying the troops and coordinating the many moving parts.  If you see him out and about, please tell him thank you for a job well done.  Now he gets to relax and go ride some Texas Enduro Circuit events this Winter.  I always like to take the opportunity to thank our very loyal and longtime TRH Texas Enduro event sponsor, Cycle Shack North.  CSN General Manger Scott Holzheimer has a strong desire to support TRH and makes a huge difference by remaining a club member that not only helps work on our events, but rides them too.  Our events are expensive to promote, but the support and prizes that he provides always make a big difference in our ability to continue our mission to provide you and your family excellent opportunities to ride your dirt bike in a safe and fair environment.  Please stop by the shop if you are in Conroe and thank Scott for all that he does.  On a final note for the Sprint Enduro, a good friend of mine and a Texas Enduro legend, Terry Maxwell contributed big-time to TRH again this year and provided the trophies for the Sprint Enduro.  This is normally an incredible expense for our events, but the fact that it was a 2-day event and he designed and delivered the trophies from the Odessa area speaks volumes of his love for the sport and appreciation of the effort TRH puts toward our sport.  Thanks again to Terry Maxwell!

Now, let's get down to what is next for TRH!  HARE SCRAMBLES!!  On Sunday, October 30, TRH will have the final round of the 2016 Off-Road Championship Series at the beautiful Sterling Ranch in Willis, Texas.  On Saturday evening, Oct 29, TRH will have the Halloween Haunted Woods and party.  So please bring your little gobblins out for some good fun and a scary time.  Over the last several years, TRH has perfected the haunted woods part of the Halloween party, so you will not be disappointed.  TRH friend Brad Burch is the landowner and has graciously opened his property for us to have this event.  Chuck Liccioni and Ray Stephenson will be the event chairmen and are holding a work weekend on October 22-23 for club members to come out and help put the final touches on the event course.  Sterling Ranch day ride fees apply, so please come out to lend a hand and get some good riding in.  The event flyer for race weekend is on the TRH website EVENTS section and TRH Facebook page.  Please check it out and we hope to see you there.  Our 2016 TRH Off-Road Championship Series is sponsored by 3P Sport Cycle Center, MSR, Moose Racing, Thor, Pro Taper, Tucker-Rocky and the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas Program.  Club Board member Alirio Amado works at 3P Sport Cycle Center and has coordinated very special prizes for each event and the final Series Championship Winners.  Stop by to thank them for supporting the sport and check out the new 3P Sport Cycle Center located just south of Conroe at 3 Palms MX Park.

Now, for some new and exciting news for the Off-Road community in Southeast Texas concerning our trails in the Sam Houston National Forest.  Due to the extraordinary team efforts of the Sam Houston Trails Coalition, Old Dudes on Dirt Bikes, and several devoted TRH members, there is a very real possibility to have the Sam Houston National Forest trails open soon on the East side outer loop (approx 25 miles).  The Trails Coalition President and TRH member, Ed Ponikvar, is leading the charge and making things happen.  The Forest Service heavy equipment is currently on the trail repairing the erosion areas that caused the shutdown.  The key to our future is trail sustainability by keeping the sand and dirt on the trail in the face of mother nature through engineering solutions called drain dips.  Drain dips are placed to divert water off of the trail.  This will be our challenge as trail volunteers, as the responsibility to maintain the trails will be passed down from the Forest Service to our user groups.  I do not think personal responsibility is an issue with our group, so putting in the work will not be an issue if it is the price of having trails to ride.  The best news for us is that Ed is relentless in his organizing and motivational efforts to lead this charge to get our trails open again.  Understanding that he is doing all of this on a volunteer basis, he has learned how to navigate the challenges associated with re-opening public land by creating relationships and cooperation with the Forest Service, local politicians, and most importantly the other trail user groups.  I have personally watched his dedication and helped him with my own energy and experience to bring this entire effort back from devastating bad news, and now we are on the edge of getting the trails re-opened.  There are a couple of things that you can do to help push this momentum over the edge.  Maintain your TRH membership, Join the Trails Coalition ($10 a year) and come out starting this Sunday to help the volunteers finish up the parts of the outer loop that we can affect by cutting face slappers and putting the final touches on a few bridge repairs.  Yes, you can bring your bike or Four Wheeler, but as always, you must have a current ORV sticker and follow the rules as you've always done.  Meet up at the Eastside Trailhead behind the Gulf Coast Trade Center around 8am.  But, please understand that open riding is still not allowed, but with your help, we are getting closer.  The very existence of the Sam Houston National Forest Multi-Use Trail system is critical to ensure the health of the Off-Road community continues to thrive here.  If the forest trail system goes away because it was too much effort or we relied on someone else to do it, we stand to lose multiple decades and generations of TRH sweat equity and history.  Not to mention, capturing this moment and showing your support will ensure that generations after us will have a place to go ride and play.  That is what we do and why we are here.  Please get involved and help us keep this wonderful place open.

See you on the trail,

Lynn Bailey

10-4-16 THANK YOU, TRH!

The Board of Directors would like to cordially thank all that came out to help at the Brunes Mill TSCEC 2-day Sprint Enduro.  You should be very proud of yourselves as we had an excellent event, and the feedback was 99% positive.  We had a couple scoring hiccups, but this is the first time TSCEC has run a 2-day Sprint Enduro, so we definitely made some history.  Will we do it again?  Heck yes, we will.  Each time, we learn something new, and we get better.  But the fact of the matter is that these events don't happen without the hard work of each and every one of you that consistently come out to help.  TSCEC has told us before that we are one of the best clubs that host their events, and this time, we did not dissapoint.  I'd like to give honorable mention to the club members that helped Lynn and Eric put this event on.  The two of them worked tirelessly to get Brunes Mill ready for this event format, and they pulled it off, but not without your help.  A special thanks to the following (in no particular order):

Eric Pullen - Pinky
Lynn Bailey - The Brain
Juliet and Marcus Peters - A little bit of everything (well, a lotta bit of everything)
Scott & Judy Granat - Course Clearing and Setup, Gate Management
Brad Geigley - Logistics
Sharon Geigley - T-Shirt Sales & Donut Provider (extremely important)
Terry Maxwell - Trophies
Ed Keeley - Scoring
Randy Fuller - Scoring
Kirby and Kody Kunze - Scoring
Chuck Liccioni - Scoring
Ray Stephenson - Gate & Scoring
Denise Bailey - Registration & Scoring
John Tackett - Scoring
Rob Granger - Scoring & Sweep Rider
Barry Green - Sweep Rider
Scott McLeod - Sweep Rider & Course Management
Kenny Grundman - Radio Operator
Jeff Vincent - Course Clearing & Setup
George Miller - Course Clearing & Setup
Austin Vincent - Course Clearing & Setup
Robert Polinski - PA System and Scoring
Nate Kaleta - Course Clearing
Steve Machann - Course Clearing & Setup
Brian Darnell - Course Clearing and Setup
Troy and Brenda Mashue - Course Clearing and Setup
Jeff Wilson - Course Clearning and Setup

And a very special thanks to John and Pam Prosser for making the haul from Lubbock and facilitating sign-up, scoring, and results.  Scoring a Sprint Enduro is hard enough, but with 319 riders and 2 days worth results, it turned out to be a grueling task.

I apologize if I left anybody out, but its only becuase there was so much help, and we lost track through all the madness.  Again, thank you to everybody that came out and lended a hand.  These events don't happen without you, and this was a great one.


A word from Lynn Bailey, your current TRH President:



Sept 10-11  Brunes Mill 2-Day Sprint Enduro Work Weekend - Trail Clean

Sept 12       TRH General Meeting @ Rio Bravo MX - 7:00pm

Sept 18       Brunes Mill 2-Day Sprint Enduro Final Course Marking

Sept 24-25  Brunes Mill 2-Day Sprint Enduro - Texas Enduro Circuit

September is shaping up to be very busy as the temperatures come down and we hold our traditional Texas Enduro Circuit event.  This year we are holding the event as a 2-day Sprint Enduro at the Brunes Mill Ranch in Columbus, Texas.  The Texas Enduro Circuit rulebook can be found at TSCEC.ORG for class structure.  This will be the same location and event format as our May TRH Off-Road Championship Series round.  The key point to remember as a TRH member is that if you want to ride the event for Texas Enduro Circuit points, you must send me an email requesting to ride for points.  If you want to ride the event for fun and do not care about circuit points, please come out and enjoy this unique event.  The final plea is to plan to help before, during or after the event.  We still need sweep riders for both days, checkpoint scoring personnel, and help with set up starting Friday and early Saturday.  Camping will be allowed.  There will be a kids Hare Scrambles on Saturday at 11am.  Classes are from 50, 65, and 85cc, Girls, and Beginner Women.  This event will be under Texas Enduro Circuit Mini-Enduro rules.  Those rules are located on the TSCEC.org website.  Bottom line is that it will be a really enjoyable weekend.  The Sprint Enduro for the Texas Enduro Circuit will begin at noon on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.  See the flyer on the TRH website, TRH FACEBOOK page, or your email, or this link.

Monday, Sept 12, we will hold a General TRH meeting at Rio Bravo MX park.  Please make plans to attend and grab a bite to eat, catch up on TRH happenings, and Sept is the month that we begin accepting Constitution and Rule Changes.  If you have an idea or would like to submit a rule change for the TRH Off-Road Championship Series, this is the opportunity to discuss and submit.  The October meeting is the time each year that we vote on the changes if necessary.  Our meetings are official meetings and meeting minutes are recorded.  If you wish to review these minutes, you always have that opportunity before we vote to approve those minutes at each meeting.

OK, let's talk about the elephant in the room.  If you haven't noticed yet or read the well written articles by Brian Perret, the Sam Houston National Forest multi-use trails have been closed since June.  TRH member and Sam Houston Trails Coalition President Ed Ponikvar has been leading the charge and spending a tremendous amount of time working tirelessly to try and reverse the fortunes of all user groups.  The last several months were consumed with all trail users coming together and organizing efforts to become fluent in trail sustainability and generating the volunteer process to obtaining, training, and begin using equipment to bring the trails back to a prescribed standard.  It is a slow process because we are all volunteers and each step along the way takes time and should be treated as a building block.  The trap that we all fall into is the mis-understanding of how to get the forest open again.  Let me be very clear.  WE NEED THESE TRAILS OPEN AGAIN!  Although there are other places to go ride a dirt bike in the Houston area, the Sam Houston Trails have been a constant when other facilities come and go.  The SHNF trails deserve our time and attention.  They will stay closed until we act.  It is really that simple.  If you did not go out this summer to help survey the trail damage, please understand that the flooding from April and late May created hundreds of erosion spots on the trail that will require many months to repair.  The trick will be to harvest the sediment that washed away and place back in the erosion location and create water bars to divert the water off the trail.  We have to get the water off the trail and help ourselves by creating sediment traps to easily get the soil back on to the trail.  We are gaining ground on TRH volunteers to become trained and certified to operate Forest Service equipment to augment FS employees in this task.  If you have heavy equipment experience and want to engage the process, please contact me.  I agree that summertime was not the ideal conditions to get out and do trail work, but as the temperatures cool off, PLEASE watch for work calls and help the few volunteers re-claim the trails that want to use.  The trails are still there and they are CLOSED.  The remaining wooden bridges are falling into disrepair.  All we need to do is rally to perform the necessary work to get them open again.  I'll be there, please come help.

Update and situation on the Skull Creek and lease property/insurance.  Currently, TRH maintains a contract with the Skull Creek landowner to maintain our use of the storage barn at the Skull Creek campground.  Eric Pullen continues to maintain the camp house and facilities that we own in that campground.  This is where TRH stores and maintains the equipment and trailers.  Unfortunately, the General Liability Insurance situation that covers TRH, Inc. and the landowner for year around lease operations has not improved and remains elusive.  That's why we cannot use the campground for camping or the 1100 acre property to ride.  If we can break through on the Insurance for year around operations of a lease property, we can use the campground the 1100 acres.  We do have TRH members searching for new lease properties.  That remains a slow process that requires time and a tremendous amount of luck in this part of the country considering the amount of property we are seeking and willing to contract for.  Please remember that we are all volunteers and each member provides that chance moment that we can get lucky to find a new lease.  f you happen to run into a landowner, always ask and refer them to me for further discussion.  Always remember, in 1998 TRH was not looking for a lease property when club members knew someone that knew someone that owned Skull Creek.  

See you out of the trail,

Lynn Bailey

2016 TRH President



Here is a video of the recent Sprint Enduro at Brunes Mill, Test 1, courtesy of Brian Johnson with TJ's KTM:

TRH will be hosting round 1 & 2 of the 2016-2017 Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit on September 24th and 25th.  This is a two day even meaning double points for TSCEC riders.  More information is available in the EVENTS section.

Update from your current President - 7/16/16

TRH Members,

Hello everyone!  I hope you are staying cool and getting to ride whenever you can.  I have a couple of things to update the membership on as we approach the Fall riding season and get back into the full swing of having fun.  


Big News - After the closure of the Sam Houston National Forest due to the trail damage from flooding and very low confidence of getting the trails repaired and back in service anytime soon, we decided to move our Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit Round #1 Caney Creek Enduro to Brunes Mill Ranch north of Columbus on September 24-25.  This will be our first TSCEC 2-day Sprint Enduro formatted like the event we held there in mid-May.  These events are modeled closely to the Full Gas Sprint Enduro National Series that is gaining popularity.  The latest edition of Dirt Rider magazine has a nice article on Sprint Enduros or you can read more at www.sprintenduro.com.  More details and an event flyer will emerge soon, but you can expect 30+/- miles of riding on Saturday and then 40+/- miles on a reversed course for Sunday.  Don't miss this event!  If you do not want ride, please volunteer to help us out.


Bad News - As I mentioned above, the Sam Houston National Forest trails in New Waverly are currently closed due to the flooding in April and May.  The good news is that the Sam Houston Trails Coalition, Old Dudes on Dirt Bikes, and TRH are heavily involved at this time in a joint effort to assist the Forest Service in the process of inspecting, providing data and solutions to not only repair the damaged sections of trail, but create solutions for a sustainable trail system to last well into the future.  We will get the trails back, but this will take time, effort, and energy from everyone that wants to preserve our public lands and trails.  As we formulate the plan of action, please respond to future TRH messages asking for help.  The more folks that we have in the solution, the quicker that we can get the trails open again.  


Final Words - Although TRH was dealt a bad hand recently with the loss of our lease property and now the National Forest, we are still in fantastic shape as a club.  Our membership is healthy, the Board of Directors are moving forward to provide outstanding events, and there is still an effort to find General Liability Insurance that allows us to use private lease property.  TRH formed a committee that continues to seek out lease properties and follow up on future opportunities.  Please remember that any lead for lease properties should be directed to me or anyone on the BOD.  Please remember that at the end of the day this club was created for like-minded people that enjoy riding dirt bikes to just have fun.  No one can take that away from us completely.  As long as there are motivated dirt bike riders, we'll always have a place to take our families to ride.  Now, follow me, we have some trails that are ours to fight for and re-build!


See you on the trail!

Lynn Bailey

2016 Trail Riders of Houston President


Please visit the SHNF page (on the menu to the left) for information regarding the Sam Houston National forest upcoming events and how you can get involved.


The Trail Riders of Houston is being forced to postpone Round 3 of the TRH Off Road Championship Race Series.  Due to massive amounts of rainfall received in the Sam Houston National Forest over the past months, the erosion has rendered the trails “unrideable,” and ultimately closed until further notice.  As this is sad news to all of us, the select few TRH members that have been out the past few weekends to try and mend the damage have begun to understand what it will take to get these trails reopened and get us all back in the saddle.  The task seems daunting, but if we come together in force, we can get things done quickly.  Fortunately, we have a very motivated person now at the helm of the Trails Coalition of Texas, Ed Ponikvar who has graced us with the availability of information and channels to record and track our progress, which goes a long way with the governing authorities.  Every little bit of help he receives brings us closer to having our trails reopened, so The Trail Riders of Houston is requesting you to please get involved.  How do you get involved?  Want to get the trails open ASAP?  Here’s a few places to start:

  1. Find solutions on the Trails Coalition site  www.trailscoalitionoftexas.org
  2. Join the Trails Coalition of Texas.  The money will go to this effort.
  3. Review the Trail Stewards program, “The Book” and dive in  http://gt.nohvcc.org/
  4. Take ownership of safety and immediately sign off areas that are in desperate need of attention.  How do you sign off?  See contact information below. 
  5. Check all bridges and follow the guidelines to keep them in good working order.
  6. When you form a plan of action, email your motorized representative of your intentions for guidance and safe passage into the forest.  For TRH members, this is currently Robert Applegate.  RApplegate@slb.com
  7. Contact anybody in TRH, and if we don’t have the answers, we will find the answers.
  8. Log your hours.  Look at the bottom of the Trails Coalition website for the form.
  9. Can't find time to do anything and unsure what to do?  Donate.  The money will go to this effort.

We can’t stress enough how important your help will be as we attack this problem and get our trails opened back up.  How fast we get it done is up to you, so again, please get involved in any way possible.

Please see the following update from the Forest Service:



The Trail Riders of Houston

A note from Ron Taylor:

It's not good, but guys, We have A LOT of work to do in the forest after all the rain. We have had TRH work days in the forest the last 2 weekends. We had a total of 10 members come. We need better participation on work days and we'll have the trails open sooner!

Thank you for those interested in the race and work days. We will get these trails fixed and have an awesome TRH event.

We'll continue to organize work days, and coincide them with the ODODB guys.

We may not have Skull Creek, but TRH is all about riding with friends of the offroad community!



Due to turnout response and weather forecasted for Saturday, we're going to make this weekend Sunday ONLY.  Rain or shine, we'll be out Sunday to work through some trail and we could use your help!  If you're available, please come out and help.  Check the events page for information.


TRH Members, we had a bit of a poor turnout this past weekend at the Sam Houston National Forest work day for race prep, so we really need to rally the troops.  We need your help, so please check the updated events listing for upcoming work weekends.  We'll be holding work weekends both upcoming weekends as these are the last chances we have to get the overgrowth and obstacles moved out of the way.  Contact information for the race chairman is provided, so if you have questions, please reach out to them.  Also, we'll need some help on the event weekend, so if you'd like to help, please contact the race chairmen.  Don't worry if you have no experience running a check, as we have plenty of experienced people to teach you how to do it.


TRH Members, we apologize for the late notice, but we will be holding a workday event at the Sam Houston National Forest this Sunday, June 5th at 8AM at the East Side Trail Head.  Please see the events section for more details.  If you need directions to the trail head, please visit the SHNF web page at the following link:



Good news!!!  The Trail Riders of Houston's first Sprint Enduro seemed to go extremely well.  A very special thanks to Lynn Bailey for spear-heading this event, and of course thank you to everybody that pitched in and made this even a success.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated just enough to allow us to have this excellent event and a great track!  For those that didn't make it, don't worry.  You missed a great race, but there will be more to come.  We are going to embrace the Sprint Enduro format and make it a regular event in our series.  Thanks again to everybody who made it out and we appreciate all the support.

I would also like to humbly thank John and Pam Prosser from TSCEC (Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit) for making the haul down from Lubbock to oversee and facilitate the scoring of our Sprint Enduro.  We couldn't have done it without them and we sincerely appreciate their support.

A few words from our hard-working Juliet Peters who was integral to this event:

Thanks to Lynn Bailey our president for putting on our first Sprint Enduro & coming up with new ideas to hold our club together. Thanks to the scoring crew Brian Perret,Toby Landry,Kirby Kunze, Sharon Pavlicek Geigley, Also to the people behind the scenes who put in a lot of weekends of work getting the place ready. Eric Pullen who hauled all our equipment out there & helped Marcus Peters with Bob Cat work,Herb Fish for getting all the work done on the new TRH flat bed trailer. Robert Granger,Kristi Granger,George George Miller Brad Bradley Geigley, Barry Green, Ron Taylor & family,Ken Grundmann (hauling back dead bikes!)Zaphod Peters, Laura Peters & their kids 3 & 5 year olds who actually cut trail with pint-size loppers!
Sorry if I missed anyone out!
We got rained on hard again right after Trophy Presentation so nothing has been cleaned up yet. We are a club & you all have a responsbility to help out. We are hoping to get a bunch of you back out next weekend to pick up all the race markings & stakes so we can leave Brunes Mill perfectly clean so the landlord welcomes us back for future events.

2016 TRH Off-Road Championship Series

Welcome to the Trail Riders of Houston 2016!  With the New Year comes the expectations for another fun filled schedule of Off-Road riding, racing, and Family fun.  So load up those bikes, bring the family, and enjoy some of the best off-road riding that Texas has to offer. 

TRH is proud to announce the 2016 Off-Road Championship Series.  Our Off-Road series is very unique in the fact that you will be able to experience and compete in three different forms of off-road competition in a four event series.  Each Off-Road Series event will consist of an open ride funday on Saturday, and then competitive events for each skill level on Sunday.  Gate fees will vary with each property, but the event Entry fee will be always be $25 for each rider.  Transponders for electronic scoring will be available for a fee at Hare Scrambles and Sprint Enduros.

For more information and videos on the Sprint Enduro format, please check out www.sprintenduro.com

For more information or videos on the Re-Start Enduro, please checkout www.nationalenduro.com

Please mark your calendars and come out to ride the 2016 TRH Off-Road Championship Series. Bring a buddy and introduce them to the FUN!


Go to EVENTS tab for upcoming races and funday events!!!

An Ongoing Hunt...

The TRH Board is still engaged in a two pronged issue:  the search for quality properties to ride and potentially lease similar to the Skull Creek lease, and the ability to obtain a General Liability policy for the lease property.  This is not to be confused with event insurance.  TRH is still insured on all of our events.  We had the 1100 as a lease property, but had to cease our riding activities as we search for adequate and affordable insurance.  Once we obtain GL insurance, we could potentially regain the use of the 1100 for club members.  This is a time consuming task, but one that we are working on.
For 2016, our plan is to continue having fun days and TRH competitive events at locations like Brunes Mill, Sterling Ranch, Rio Bravo and the Sam Houston National Forest.  All is not lost, TRH existed well before Skull Creek.  We promise to continue holding fun events.  Please watch your emails and updates to the TRH website for membership renewal and 2016 events schedules.

It is time for TRH members to step up and help out with several Board positions.  It is not as time consuming as you may think and the current crop of Board members (pick one) has worked in the same or rotated to different positions for the last 5+ years.  If you have fresh ideas and an opinion on the direction that TRH should evolve, please speak up and volunteer.  The club stays strong if everyone participates.  Hope to see you out there!

Thank you for your support,
Lynn Bailey

Upcoming events

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Check us out and learn how you can become more involved today! Each of us has a talent that would be greatly appreciated and extremely valuable to the ongoing success of TRH-Volunteer!!!

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