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WHAT: Update on recreational trail system: Vision of the Forest Service in partnership with the Sam Houston Trails Coalition.

WHEN: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2016 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

We need to be off the property by 11 AM 

WHERE: Gulf Coast Trades Center – Family Life Center
143 Forest Service Rd. #233, New Waverly, Tx 77358

Participants will leave with information to act on the following:


How to get trail open.

How to keep trail from closing.

Why trail is unable to expand.

Why does the Forest System Burn

Special Guests:  5 levels of the Forest Service plus Region and national resources to support recreation in on public land will be in attendance.  State Agencies and community leaders.  


What you missed from last meeting:


The reason why trail expansion is prohibited.

How to get trail open when closed

A challenge to accelerate the capacity of the SHTC

Over 100 participants:

Many did NOT get breakfast because they did not RSVP correctly: You must RSVP via the SHTC link NOT A LINK IN ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA SITE.


Please RSVP using this link. RSVP Now!

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TRH President's Report - November 2016

Hopefully, you are prepped for a nice Thanksgiving or still stuffed from dinner.  Either way, as we bring another year to a close for the Trail Riders of Houston, I wanted to take a moment to thank all members, Event Chairmen, and Board members for making off-road dirt bike riding fun.  We had another successful year and will be planning for 2017 to be just as great with Fun weekend rides and events. 


The TRH Christmas Party will be held at Sterling Ranch on Saturday, December 10th, 2016.

There will be a General Meeting with Board Elections & Hall of Fame at 1pm followed by a burger lunch provided by the club. Please bring a dessert to share.

Santa has agreed to show up with gifts for the kids. You may also pay Sterling Ranch the daily fee to ride the trails & camp out. Thanks to Brad Burch for allowing us to use his beautiful ranch as a new venue for this event.

NOTE: Bring your own chairs & the loan of any ez-ups & tables would be appreciated.


Attached is the election ballot for President, Treasurer, Database Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, and Property Master.  You will notice that all positions are running unopposed and will be voted in by acclamation.  Please come out and support our process and meet the new Board.  They work very hard for the club and deserve your support.


Attached is the 2017 TRH membership form.  It will be posted on the TRH website, but you can bring it to the Christmas Party Fun ride at Sterling Ranch and sign-up there.  Please continue to support your club.


The Board of Directors are working with our fantastic sponsor (3P SPORT CYCLE CENTER) at this time and are planning to crown the award winners at the first TRH event in the early Spring 2017.  Please watch the website for that event date and location.  Make plans to attend.


Steve Hatch will be back to Texas in 2 weeks (Dec 8 to 19

Learn from the same trainer that had his top 2 students Ryan Sipes and Taylor Robert-Win the ISDE outright in Slovakia 2015 and Spain 2016 beating the best in the world!  We will be working from the same techniques and systems used to get Ryan and Taylor to their full potential!

If you would like to improve for 2017 sign up now as days are filling up fast and only 2 weeks away.  Send an e-mail to me at steve@stevehatchracing.com or call my cell at (480)242-6502 with any questions.

Here are the dates filled and available:

Dec 8 Thu-Available

Dec 10 Sat/Sun and 11 (B & C level clinic) (spots still available, read info below)

Dec 12 Mon-Available

Dec 13 Tue-Available

Dec 14 Wed-Available

Dec 15 Thu-Available

Dec 17 Sat (A & AA level clinic) (spots available, read info below)

(at Sterling Ranch (Houston, TX) for C and B riders only-2 days 9a to 5p (can do 1 day if desired $200), will be working on body position, vision, getting into the zone, all riding skills to improve and make you a safer, better rider (and faster if desired), how to train, mental confidence, nutrition, hydration and more! $400 per rider for both days-20 rider limit-please contact me at steve@stevehatchracing.com and say you would like to attend clinic #1, I will contact you and charge a $100 deposit to hold your spot, remaining $300 due at sign in day 1)

*Clinic on Dec 17-A and AA riders only (clinic #2)

(at Sterling Ranch (Houston, TX) for A and AA riders only-1 day only 9a to 5p, will be working on Advanced skills, speed, focus, line choice, how to get your best race every race, how to train, mental confidence, nutrition, hydration and more! $200 per rider for both days-20 rider limit-please contact me atsteve@stevehatchracing.com and say you would like to attend clinic #2, I will contact you and charge a $50 deposit to hold your spot, remaining $150 due at sign in)

Other days are available for coaching read below the details. Here are my rates below or you can see on my website at this link (https://www.stevehatchracing.com/private-lessons/ ) (a 20% deposit is required to hold the date you want) 

I hope to see everyone soon.  If not, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Now go ride!!!

Lynn Bailey

2016 TRH President

An Ongoing Hunt...

The TRH Board is still engaged in a two pronged issue:  the search for quality properties to ride and potentially lease similar to the Skull Creek lease, and the ability to obtain a General Liability policy for the lease property.  This is not to be confused with event insurance.  TRH is still insured on all of our events.  We had the 1100 as a lease property, but had to cease our riding activities as we search for adequate and affordable insurance.  Once we obtain GL insurance, we could potentially regain the use of the 1100 for club members.  This is a time consuming task, but one that we are working on.
For 2016, our plan is to continue having fun days and TRH competitive events at locations like Brunes Mill, Sterling Ranch, Rio Bravo and the Sam Houston National Forest.  All is not lost, TRH existed well before Skull Creek.  We promise to continue holding fun events.  Please watch your emails and updates to the TRH website for membership renewal and 2016 events schedules.

It is time for TRH members to step up and help out with several Board positions.  It is not as time consuming as you may think and the current crop of Board members (pick one) has worked in the same or rotated to different positions for the last 5+ years.  If you have fresh ideas and an opinion on the direction that TRH should evolve, please speak up and volunteer.  The club stays strong if everyone participates.  Hope to see you out there!

Thank you for your support,
Lynn Bailey

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