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TRH Membership Information


The primary purpose of the Club is to promote and enjoy motorcycling collectively in events and activities.  Therefore, every member is expected to participate in the planning, execution and riding of club events. Annual dues shall be $20.00 for General Working members.

The first step to membership is contacting the Membership Chairperson,

Membership Chairperson: Troy Mashue @

Please fill out the online application below. To pay by check, make the check out to TRH and mail to:

TRH Membership

831 Beachcomber Ln

Houston, Texas 77062

You can now pay for your membership at our ONLINE STORE HERE

You must still contact the Membership Chairperson above.

You must still fill out and mail the Membership Application to the address above.

You will need to print out the following:

Membership Application with Indemnity Release Form

TRH Adult Spouse & Child Indemnity Release Form (Required for all non-primary account holders over 18 years old)

Agrotourism form (Brunes Mill Only)

Minors Release form (Brunes Mill Only)

YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS NOT COMPLETE! You are required to fill out (in it's entirety) and sign the attached TRH General  Member’s application.


Please Include:


2. AGREEMENT & WARNING TO AGROTOURIST (Only Required if Joining Brunes Mill)

3. FEES – Check or Money Order only. (Do not send cash)

                 If paying online send a copy of the receipt.


Once the Membership  Chairman has received your Membership  application and it's been approved, you will receive a TRH  Membership packet in the mail. Your packet will be mailed to  the address provide in your online profile. Approval by The TRH Board is required before you an OFFICIAL member of Trail Riders of Houston!


YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP  PACKET. Processing time can take up to 3 to 4 weeks.  Email Membership Chairman Troy Mashue with any questions!

Happy Trails to YOU and Your Family!

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