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Brunes Mill
Cycle Park 

The Trail Riders of Houston is excited to be able to offer you a membership to the beautiful Brunes Mill property.

The membership we are able to offer for Brunes Mill is a predetermined schedule of up to 30 weekends where we have full access to ride the property, camp, and come and go as we please during those set weekends.  

A weekend is defined as a Saturday and Sunday, unless it’s a holiday weekend in which we hope to be able to open the property for three or four full days.

A TRH Membership is required before or at the same time as a Brunes Mill membership. Only head of household needs to apply for this membership. For insurance purposes you have to become part of the TRH club.

Two types of Brunes Mill memberships will be offered: ONLINE STORE

  • Single Rider ($200.00/year) – a single rider with no access for spouse or children (riders)
  • Family Membership ($400.00/year) – includes spouse and children; children are defined as age 18 or under.
  • Note: children currently enrolled in school may remain under the parents membership up to the age of 25 years old.
  • TRH membership ($20.00/year) is required to become a member of Brunes Mill.
  • TRH members can come out as Guests for $25/day/rider

      Link to the TRH ride weekends calendar

      2019 Schedule: (Remaining)

      • 27 - December 7-8
      • 28 - December 14-15
      • 29 - December 21-22
      • 30 - December 28-29

      2020 Schedule: 78 Total Ride Days

      •  1 - January 11-12
      •  2 - January 18-19
      •  3 - January 25-26
      •  4 - February 1-2
      •  5 - February 15-16
      •  6 - February 22-23
      •  7 - March 7-8
      •  8 - March 14-15
      •  9 - March 21-22
      •  10 - April 18-19
      •  11 - April 25-26
      •  12 - May 2-3
      •  13 - May 16-17
      •  14 - May 23-25 (3-Day Weekend, Memorial Day)
      •  15 - June 6-7
      •  16 - June 13-14
      •  17 - June 20-21
      •  18 - July 3-5 (3-Day Weekend, Independence Day)
      •  19 - July 18-19
      •  20 - August 1-2
      •  21 - August 15-16
      •  22 - August 22-23
      •  23 - September 5-7 (3-Day Weekend, Labor Day)
      •  24 - September 19-20
      •  25 - September 26-27
      •  26 - October 10-11
      •  27 - October 17-18
      •  28 - October 24-25
      •  29 - November 7-8
      •  30 - November 14-15
      •  31 - November 21-22
      •  32 - November 27-29 (3 Day Weekend, Thanksgiving)
      •  33 - December 5-6
      •  34 - December 12-23
      •  35 - December 19-20
      •  36 - December 31-January 3 (4 Day Weekend, New Years)

      This schedule is subject to change. Please remember TRH caters to all riders and not just racers, so we will do whatever possible to keep the dates we've published.

      Directions to Brunes Mill:

      2642 Brunes Mill Rd, Columbus, TX 78934, USA

      Start at I-10 (CR329) Columbus, TX. Go north on HWY 71(CR329) approximately 2 miles. Cross the Colorado river, and turn right by the "hanging tree" on FM109. Continue 1.6 miles on 109, take a left on Brunes Mill Rd. The property is approximately 3.9 miles up the road on the left hand side.

      GPS Coordinates: 29°47'39.1"N 96°34'53.9"W

      Here's some Q&A on

      • 1.       If a weekend gets rained out will it be rescheduled?  Yes, If possible, we will reschedule the weekend that is rained out.
      • 2.       Will the set weekends be scheduled around the local off road race series?  Yes, as best as we can.  Remember, there’s only so many weekends in a year.  We may have to step on a race weekend, but we will try to schedule around if at all possible.   
      • 3.       If TRH has a race weekend will that weekend be on one of the ride weekends set aside for members? No.  Race weekends put on by TRH, including the TSCEC event TRH hosts in that year will be separate from the ride membership weekends.
      • 4.       Will a port-a-potty be on site?  Yes, we will have a permanent portacan (possibly more) on site that will be regularly cleaned by the local septic service company.
      • 5.       Can a spectator drive ATVs/UTVs outside the camp area?  No. The person must be a member to operate powersports vehicles on the property.
      • 6.       Can a spectator ride in ATVs/UTVs outside the camp area? Yes.  Every person that enters the property must sign the general liability waiver and agritourism acknowledgement upon entering the property.  Minor Releases must also be filled out each visit for anybody under the age of 18.


       Required Forms for BRUNES MILL Membership:

      2019 TRH Membership Form

      2020 TRH Membership Form

      TRH Adult Member Spouse And Child Indemnity Release

      (Required for all non-primary account holders 18 years or older.)

      Minor Waiver - This must be filled out and submitted at EVERY visit to the property.

      Agreement & Warnings to Agrotourist


      Access & Guests

      • Membership will afford you access during the weekends in which the property is open to TRH.
      • Members may arrive on that Friday, but cannot ride the property until Saturday morning, unless other wise stated by the active member opening up that ride weekend.
      • All members must be off the property by 4:00PM Sunday evening.
      • Gate must be closed at all times during ride weekends.
      • Each member will be allowed to bring a guest up to two days to the property after which the guest will be required to obtain a membership for subsequent visits.  A guest* is defined as a person who rides a motorcycle, ATV, or UTV on the property.  Non-riding guests are considered spectators and no fees apply.  Guest fee is $25.00 per day. 
      • For first timers to Brunes Mill, we do offer a $30/day for that weekend, after that we require that you become a TRH Member.
      • Brunes Mill Guest Pass.pdf
      • A set schedule of weekends available for members will be distributed electronically and posted on the website.  Members are not allowed property access outside of these weekends.
      • 2 work days are required to help with the property upkeep throughout the year.

      More information will be posted on the website and sent via email.  The ride weekends will be insured, so the paperwork you’re used to filling out on our recent past fun ride weekends will be the same for each weekend you attend.  We are currently working on a plan to facilitate the paperwork correctly and ensure that we have full cooperation from the members in order to ensure we get continued access to this wonderful property.  Please bear with us, STAY INFORMED, and follow the rules!  We need everybody’s help on this one, so please, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!


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