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Caney Creek Enduro - September 27, 2015

  • 27 Sep 2015
  • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • New Waverly, TX

The Trail Riders of Houston along with Cycle Shack North and Wild West Motoplex are proud to announce the 43rd Caney Creek Enduro on September 27, 2015.  This epic event will be held in the beautiful piney wood trails of the Sam Houston National Forest with the event campground, race headquarters, and start just north of the New Waverly High School football stadium on Highway 75. After the loss of the Gator Bait Enduro and Skull Creek lease property, we return to the Caney Creek Enduro as the Trail Riders of Houston signature event.  TRH welcomes the local trail enthusiasts and competitors of the Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit to Round #1 of the 2015-2016 series. 

Click Here For Flyer

You can pre-enter the event online at using moto-tally and Paypal for $55, or sign-up on Saturday between 2-6pm and Sunday from 6-8am for $60.  The 16 & under age class is only $20.  You will need a passing sound test (on-site) before you go to sign-up.

The main requirements to ride the Caney Creek Enduro are a 2016 Texas OHV sticker ($16) available at sign-up, and a US Forestry Service Approved Spark Arrestor that can pass sound test.  DO NOT SHOW UP WITH WIRE SCREEN CLAMPED OVER YOUR STOCK EXHAUST AS THE ANSWER FOR A SPARK ARRESTOR.  YOU WILL NOT PASS TECH INSPECTION AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SIGN UP. Please see the flyer on the TSCEC and TRH website, along with the respective Facebook pages for further information and feel free to call for additional information. As usual, CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL on race weekend!!!

The 2015 Caney Creek Enduro will use the re-start format that does not require the traditional enduro timekeeping equipment. The short course riders will ride  50+/- miles and the Long course will be 60+/- miles.  As an example, a row of 4-5 riders will leave the start at 8:01am in one minute intervals similar to a traditional enduro and safely transfer out of town and down the highway to the trail sections. The riders will ride up to a marked START CONTROL (SC) / RE-START checkpoint on the trail and wait for their "minute" to show on the checkpoint flipcards. The row of riders will get a five-second countdown and start the test section. The riders then compete against the terrain and their endurance until they arrive at a checkpoint that will determine if the rider was able to achieve the established speed average set for the test.  Assuming that every rider will be late (faster riders will be less late) at that end of test section checkpoint, a significant free time will be built into the schedule so that riders have time to get a drink of water, catch their breath, swap heroic stories with their buddies, and have time to trail ride up to the next START CONTROL/RE-START checkpoint for the next test section and do it all over again. There will be one gas stop location during the event that the riders pass through twice, so you only need one gas can. A trailer will be available at event headquarters to transport all gas cans to and from the gas stop.  Pit crews are allowed to help the riders at the gas stop. 

The Trail Riders of Houston are looking forward to seeing you on September 27th. Come out and ride the Caney Creek Enduro and bring a friend!

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