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TSCEC - Round 1 - Mini Race - Brunes Mill

  • 24 Sep 2016
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Brunes Mill Ranch, Columbus, TX

As part of the TRH/TSCEC event at Brunes Mill Ranch on Saturday, September 24, TRH will hold a Mini event at 11am.  This event is for riders aged 3-15.  Please bring the kids and let them have some fun in this 30 minute Hare Scrambles format event.  We have two separate courses designed to run at the same time with safety in mind for all riders.  The 85, Women’s, and Girl’s class will compete on a two mile course while the Mini Jr. Beginner, Mini 50, and Mini 65 classes will ride on a one mile course.  The courses are designed for beginner riders, respectively, in each class and will have multiple marshals circulating the course to help out.  If a Mini rider’s bike has training wheels, a parent may accompany their child.  All other classes will not allow parents to be on the race course.

Mini Classes:

One mile course:

*Mini Jr. Beginner Class: 3-6 years of age, 0-50cc air-cooled bikes

*Mini 50cc Class: 7- 9 years of age and under, 0-50cc 2-stroke, 0-75cc 4-stroke

*Mini 65cc Class: 12 years of age and under, 0-65cc 2-stroke, 0-100cc 4-stroke, PW80, JR80,   TTR90, KLX110

Two mile course:

*Mini 85cc Class: 13 years of age and under, 0-100cc 2-stroke, 0-150cc 4-stroke

*Girls Class: 15 years of age and under, 0-100cc 2-stroke, 0-150cc 4-stroke

*Women’s Class: 16 years of age and up. Any size bike, for beginner women riders, only.

*NOTE: The mini race will be a Harescramble format for the following classes: Girls, Women, Junior, Beginner, Mini 50, Mini 65 & Mini 80.  Please be early for signup for this event.

The Trail Riders of Houston will be hosting Round 1 & 2 of the 2016-2017 Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit (TSCEC) series in a 2-day event featuring the new Sprint Enduro race format.  The 1st day of racing will begin at 9AM Saturday morning, September 24th and the 2nd day will begin at 9AM Sunday morning, September 25th, 2016.  Please click the link below for the the race flyer.  The event chairman will be Eric Pullen, with co-chair Ron Taylor.  Their contact information and additional even information is on the race flyer which can be downloaded via the link below.

As always, TRH will be needing members to help facilitate this race, so please contact the race chairmen if you would like to commit to helping on race day(s).

Event Flyer

*NOTE: TRH MEMBERS who want to ride the event in order to collect TSCEC POINTS need to send a formal email request to Lynn Bailey (  The request will be submitted to the TSCEC board for approval.  On the other hand, WORKING the event will afford TRH MEMBERS averages for the days they participate per the TSCEC rulebook (  TRH MEMBERS who would like to ride the event and NOT COLLECT TSCEC points may do so freely.

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