What is Trail Riders of Houston?

The TRH Mission

Organized in April of 1969,the Trail Riders of Houston is a group of people of varied backgrounds interested in off-road motorcycling. Organized events are scheduled every two or three weeks and involve all facets of off-road cycling including enduros, trail rides, and hare scrambles. All TRH events are oriented to family participation. The success of these events (and the Club as a whole) is due to the participation and efforts of all its members.

The Trail Riders of Houston are increasingly involved in the politics and public relations of motorcycling, involving itself in such areas as obtaining new properties on which to ride and attempting to influence legislation concerning motorcycling. Such involvements must be intensified by individuals and riding clubs along with the motorcycle industry and dealers if we are to survive the onslaught of unwarranted and uninformed criticism and resultant oppressive legislation and restrictions that we currently face. TRH has played a major role in advancing the sport of motorcycling in this area through civic and political action and through a good example and we must continue to protect what privileges we have. We must all help to present an image that will continue to upgrade the sport of motorcycling rather than evoke further objections from outsiders. To that effect, TRH will not tolerate dangerous riding habits.

The mission of the Trail Riders of Houston is to promote the sport of off-road motorcycling by sponsoring competitive, family-oriented events and to enhance the image of our sport through civic and political action. Our members remain our most important asset and strive to set a good example for our youth and those who view us and our activities.

The Trail Riders of Houston was founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1979. We are a non-profit organization of off-road enthusiasts consisting of over 300 family members. To support our organization we sponsor safe, responsible, competitive, and family oriented events. For the past 29 years, the TRH has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. For the past 19 years, the TRH has maintained approximately 60 miles of Permanently Marked Trails in the Sam Houston National Forest near New Waverly, Texas. In September of 1988, the city of New Waverly embraced the Trail Riders of Houston and provided us with a campground in town as our starting point for the 2Oth Annual Caney Creek Enduro. They have done this many times since. We advertise their businesses on our flyers and provide a large boost to the local economy throughout the year but especially on race days. In 1968 we adopted 6.2 miles of highway in the Sam Houston National Forest where we picked up trash 4 times a year up through 1996.

The Trail Riders of Houston sponsors many different types of events including national enduros, National Hare Scrambles, National Two Day Qualifiers, National Dual Sport Rides, family enduros, Texas State Circuit Enduros, Hare Scrambles, Family Oriented Fun Days, Poker Runs, Tag Team Hare Scrambles, Trash Pick-ups, Block Parties, and more. The TRH is a well-rounded organization that welcomes individuals and families from all walks of life in promoting our sport of Off-road motorcycling.

Join us

The primary purpose of the Club is to promote and enjoy motorcycling collectively in events and activities.  Therefore, every member is expected to participate in the planning, execution and riding of club events. Annual dues shall be $45.00 for General Working members, $145.00 for 1100 Working members and $445.00 for 1100 Non-Working members, payable no later than December 31st. Members delinquent after the 1st event of the year must rejoin as a temporary member.

Please fill out the online application below, print out and sign the indemnity release form, make check out to TRH and mail to: TRH Membership, PO Box 270242, Houston, Texas 77277!

You will need to print out the Membership Application with Indemnity Release Form!

YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS NOT COMPLETE! You are required to fill  out (in it's entirety) and sign the attached TRH General  Member’s application (and 1100 Cycle Park Liability Waiver  if applicable).


Please Include:  1. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION  2. 1100 Creek Cycle Park Liability Waiver  3. Fees – Check or Money Order, Once the Membership  Chairman has received your Membership  application and it's been approved, you will receive a TRH  Membership packet in the mail. Your packet will be mailed to  the address provide in your online profile. Approval by The TRH Board is required before you an OFFICIAL member of Trail Riders of Houston!


YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP  PACKET. Processing time is 3 to 4 weeks.  Email Membership Chairman Denise Bailey with any questions!

Happy Trails to YOU and Your Family!

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